About R4U

Ringette 4 U is an instructor led Ringette program focused on developing athletic abilities in children aged 3-8.

This program is a mixture of skill specific lessons and split ice games to expand the skill level of its participants while having even more games and fun competition. All the lessons are packed with fun and encourage participants to try new skills while playing appropriate games for their development.

At the beginning of the year, each child is assessed to make sure that they are entering into the R4U program at the right stage for them. Every stage is tailor made to add more fun into physical activity and keep children in motion while learning a new sport.

Ringette4U is a program that is based off of each child as an individual within a group or team environment. Too often children are grouped with a team, and the children that don’t fall right in the middle of that group are lost or forgotten.

We would like to thank Assiniboine Credit Union for the continued support to our Ringette 4 U Program.