In recent seasons, our sport seems to have developed a new fad of “the team huddle” in the goal crease.

We would like to remind all teams of our pregame policy:

As soon as the ice is ready for your game, a 3:00 warmup will commence on the clock. With 0:30 remaining, the referee will blow their whistle and when the 0:30 expires and the horn sounds the game will begin.

This gives you 0:30 to get your team back to the bench, establish your first lines and give rings to the referee if you are the home team.

We have instructed our on-ice officials that if teams cannot be ready for the buzzer – they are to be calling delay of game penalties.

If you feel it is important that your team experience it’s pregame huddle you should a) have your starting line established prior to your team stepping on the ice and b) keep game rings at the bench if you are the home team.