Ringette Manitoba, the newly launched brand for the former “Manitoba Ringette Association”, represents the clear and consistent, one-source message of ringette within Manitoba. “Ringette” as the lead word for
the new brand, unifies the several league and associations within the Province.
As you first access the new website, www.ringettemanitoba.ca,ย the tagline, “Pass it on” highlights the team focus and team-oriented ice sport. Not only does this relate to the necessity to pass the ring over the blue line, but figuratively the message is that you pass on your knowledge and love for the game. If you no longer play, but want to mentor and lead the younger generation, it is very common within the ringette community to assume a leadership role. Former players turn parents have evolved into coaches, mentors and minor and ice officials.
Ringette Manitoba represents the entire ringette community; a family. If you have been involved in ringette, it has without a doubt molded you into the person you are today.
“It’s where I found my love for helping and advocating for youth, which helped guide me to the career path I have chosen today” – Breanne Lachance, ringette player.
Mention you play ringette, and there is an instant relationship between people.
Ringette is a lifetime sport where lifelong relationships are built. Without a doubt, most people within the ringette family are involved in several different roles, whether you play, are a fan, coach, mentor, officiate, or volunteer. Our new website offers communication on each local association, highlights upcoming events, tournaments and championships, as well as highlights current media. There are also links for development, in whatever role you are interested in.
A truly Canadian game, with local, community and Provincial focus, Ringette Manitoba provides a sport for life, “Pass it on”.