We have recently launched our updated Award Nomination Forms. Please note that for all nominations the date has changed for this season from April 15th to April 4th. Any nominations/applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

We have the following awards available:
Coach of the Month
Coach of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Official of the Year
Hall of Fame – Player
Hall of Fame – Team
Hall of Fame – Builder

Please take the time to nominate a deserving person for one of our Awards.  The individuals chosen for each award will be invited to our Annual Volunteer Night on May 5th.

Scholarship and Bursary Applications are also due on April 4th.  We have two Scholarships that will be awarded, one to a rural player, one to an urban player for $750.00 each.  There are 6 Bursaries that will be awarded, two to a AA player, two to an A player and two to a B player for $500.00.  To qualify for the bursary you must be in your third year of U19 this season.