Ringette Manitoba 2021/2022 Female Apprentice Coach Program

Ringette Manitoba’s Female Apprentice Coach Program is an initiative to increase the number of female coaches in Ringette while empowering athletes to give back to their sport community with full confidence.

Apprentice coaches will be guided through a coaching pathway that suits their needs over a 2-year period.  During this time, apprentice coaches will be able to work with a coach in their community during the Ringette season as the apprentice coach.  



  • Create an apprentice program for female Ringette coaches to prepare for their future coaching careers within the Ringette community.
  • Provide a coaching pathway at their desired context, from CSI, Keeping Girls in Sport, Making headway in Sport.
  • Provide female apprentices the opportunity to learn from other knowledgeable coaches across the province.
  • Create relationships amongst coaches that are lasting and supportive, allowing for strong women coaches in the future of Ringette Manitoba


  • Must self-identify as a female
  • Must be between the ages of 16 – 22
  • Must be a registered coach/player/instructor with Ringette Manitoba
  • Must be willing to commit to the program and all relevant pathway clinics associated within the program


  • Complete Child Abuse Registry form and Bench Staff Code of Conduct 
  • Be in good standing with your local association and Ringette Manitoba
  • Able to commit one day and /or 2 evenings per month for monthly meetings/clinics/seminars?
  • Participate in Manitoba Winter Games as a volunteer through the Female Apprentice Coach Program
  • Spend X hours with the program for each calendar year
  • Pay a small one-time fee of $65 associated with the program (there is funding available to offset the cost if needed)
  •  All participants will receive an RMB coach bag, whiteboard, and t-shirt