Return to Ringette FAQ

Aug 27, 2020

1) Is the participation agreement meant to be a part of the registration process online or do we need a hard copy?
Ringette Manitoba is moving participant agreements and other documents online.

2) Should we be asking players if they having any underlying conditions which make them more vulnerable to COVID?
This is certainly something that may be captured on the team medical questionnaire that each team should be collecting.

3) If the provincial government authorizes increasing large group sizes do we need to be 4 months in Phase 3 or higher to proceed to larger group size ringette activities?
The Provincial Government will dictate the group sizes and how we can interact/participate together. We have outlined a plan to move both forward as restrictions lift and how to regress when / if steps go back.

4) When we get into the competition phase if coaches assigned to the squad cannot make the on-ice session or game, is it cancelled? ( loss of ice?)
The participants would need to have completed an attestation form 24 hours in advance and be apart of the POD to replace someone.

5)Ringette Manitoba states in the return to activity plan that they want to alleviate increased costs of sport for participants. How is this to be done? Is RM going to decrease fees?
RMB, much like another fall/winter sports, is in the data collection phase. Once the information on the impact is distilled, the board would then be in a position to review and make any adjustments. RMB has also brought this to the attention of Ringette Canada.
Additionally, RMB has begun offsetting costs via season set up tools and registration portal. More information to follow.

6) In Appendix J it is stated that efforts to make payment and refund policy more flexible, so families do not feel pressured to make on-ice sessions very difficult from an organization’s point of view. Difficult to plan for association expenses and revenue. Any comments or suggestions?
Take payments through an installment plan. In the event the season is cancelled, due to COVID-19, Associations are legally obligated to provide refunds or possibly face legal action. Annual fixed costs per player – association fees, insurance, should be captured at the front end of the registration.

7) Will we have enough referees if they can only attend 6 games with 48 hours between the next set of 6? Who will be responsible for scheduling refs and collecting their paperwork? (Their daily attestations etc.)
Officials Attestation forms, ideally, should be linked to their game assignments in an electronic format. If that is not an option, RMB COVID-19 page has electronic forms RICs / schedulers would be able to keep on file.
Referees and minor officials – once we know what return to competition looks like, the number of officials, minor officials, may require some movement. For Example, 3 v 3 at U12 might not need 2 refs on the ice and would only need one minor official.

8) When we return to competition if a coach or ref cannot make a session, is the session (game) cancelled? The potential loss of ice?
The similarly qualified participants would need to have completed an attestation form 24 hours* in advance and be apart of the POD to replace someone.
*24 Hours may be adjusted pending the requirements laid out by the Department of Health, Government of Manitoba.

9) Do players need to pass through all phases? For example, if we run camps in September, can a player join only then we return to competition? This would mean the addition of new contacts.
We do not know yet what phases we will be permitted. The initial phase, based on research, does indicate a 30-day return to activity with no contact / breaching the 2M/6FT personal perimeter.