Respect In Sport

As you may already be aware, Sport Manitoba has updated and enhanced Respect in Sport with a new platform. The new platform is Respect in Sport – Activity Leader.  The program has been redesigned to address a broader audience of leaders who work in any capacity with youth. It covers the full spectrum of participants of all ages with extended and updated content.

Bench staff are on a recertification cycle of five years. Recertification must be completed by your expiration date of January 15th to remain an active member of the team staff. If you are taking Respect in Sport for the first time it must be completed by January 15th. Once you have completed the Respect In Sport-Activity Leader course, you will have five years until you are required to recertify. At that time, you will receive an automated email from the Respect Group letting you know it is time to recertify to stay active.

There is also a support line available to anyone who may be looking for some consultation regarding issues covered in the Respect in Sport-Activity Leader program. The number is 1-877-737-9875.

Respect in Sport for parents will not be accepted.