The Game

Ringette is a fast, exciting team sport that was developed in Canada, as a positive alternative to other female sports. The game rules promote team play, skating and skill development and a safe sport environment.

NWRAvsInterlakeVoyageur(54)Team Play

Our teams are usually made up of 11-17 players, with six players on the ice at a time.
The rules of the game require players to pass the ring over the blue lines. This simple rule supports players learning to work together and ensures that one player cannot dominate the game, regardless of their skill. This helps make the game an inclusive team environment and a positive experience for everyone involved.

Skill Development

Only three players from each team, plus the defending goalie are allowed in the offensive zones at the same time. This keeps the play open, and encourages teams to strategize. It also puts emphasis on play making and skating skills.

Safe Sport Environment

We promote a no intentional contact policy when it comes to the physical aspects of the game. Game rules are designed to help protect the players, and ensure that the game is conducted in a safe environment.

Ringette is more than the game on ice. There is a community within Ringette amongst players and supporters. A community that creates relationships and social aspects well beyond the sport. Due to the growth of the game in this country, it is a sport that a family can be involved in for a lifetime – as a player, volunteer, official, or coach. Ringette participants become part of a very positive community that exists outside the game itself.


The History

Ringette is our sport!! It was developed in 1963 in North Bay Ontario, by Canadian Sam Jacks. Sam wanted to develop an on-ice skating game for girls, to address some of the deficiencies in the delivery of sport to girls. The game was designed to keep people moving and encourage participation.
Ringette is now played internationally in Finland, Sweden and the United States. The sport has also been introduced to Japan, Australia, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland. A Senior and Junior World Championship is held every two years.

Ringette in Manitoba

The sport of Ringette was introduced in Manitoba in 1967 in Fort Garry, with the Manitoba Ringette Association (Ringette Manitoba) established in 1972.
Currently Manitoba has just under 3000 registered players ranging in ages from 3 to 50. There are also over 800 bench personnel and 125 officials.