The Manitoba Intact NRL team is looking for coaching candidates

for head coach, assistant coach and trainer roles beginning 2019/20.

These are all volunteer positions.

The league minimum coaching requirements are stated as Comp Dev certified, or Comp Dev trained, or CI certified with at least one Comp Dev multi-sport module since April 15th, 2019.  There is no formal coach application form. Instead, in an email, we would like to see some information about your:

  • coaching experience
  • philosophy and approach for this level of play
  • reason you would want to be coaching at this level of play
  • in a few bullet points, highlight your critical analysis of what the Intact has done on the playing surface in its 3 years and what course of action you would expect to take

The league minimum trainer qualifications that must be complete before October 31, 2019 are:

Completed the Making Headway in Sport Concussion Training module & Valid Certification from a recognized First Aid program or active employment in a recognized health care profession. Trainers can apply with an email about your:

  • level of training and sport experience (students are welcome)
  • reason for your interest

If you are hoping to apply as a group or pairing etc. each member must still apply individually. Indicate who you are “teamed with”. Indicate if you would consider a position aside from the team. All replies will be acknowledged and held in strict confidence.

Please send your email to BEFORE June 5, 2019