Member Organization Risk Assessment Tool Information & Mitigation Checklist

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If movement restrictions (provincial, local) and physical distancing measures remain in place, the Risk Assessment may not apply as public health restrictions (e.g. maximum number of people together, quarantine post movement, etc.) take precedence and by their very nature may preclude any training or restricted activities.

Routine planning includes conducting risk assessments to determine the overall risk of disease spread. In view of the current outbreak of COVID-19, a disease-specific and sport-specific risk assessment and mitigation checklist has been developed to assess the specific risk of COVID-19 at sport-specific member organizations.

In order to accurately provide answers to the following risk assessment (next tab), those responsible must be knowledgeable on the current COVID-19 outbreak (i.e. Member Organization COVID Safety Coordinator). They should reference the daily provincial, local and global COVID-19 situation reports provided by WHO, Health Canada and provincial health authorities.

The tool must be completed in an Excel spreadsheet, as the scores are automatically calculated.

It is encouraged that this risk assessment is conducted with input from local public health authorities, and preferably personnel with expertise in risk assessment, epidemiology, and infectious disease control measures are included from the initial stages of planning.

For the overall determination, factors under consideration include:

  • The current stage of the COVID-19 outbreak where training is to be and known transmission dynamics
  • The geographical distribution of and number of participants, and their individual risk profile
  • The risk assessment tool
  • The mitigation measures that are currently in place or feasible to implement

It is important to remember that while mitigation measures can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections, they cannot completely eliminate the threat. It is the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), Canadian Public Health and WHO’s view that all regions with community transmission should seriously restrict gatherings that bring people together and have the potential to amplify disease and support the recommended best practice of physical distancing.

This tool was adapted from Rugby Canada’s adaptation of the WHO Mass Gathering Risk Assessment and Mitigation Check List and the Canadian RATs tool specifically for sport-specific clubs in Canada to conduct a risk assessment to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission when resuming club based training or restricted activities. Special thanks to Rowing Canada Aviron, in particular Dr. Mike Wilkinson and Jennifer Fitzpatrick, for their leadership in developing the original risk assessment and mitigation check list for rowing clubs across Canada.


  1. Complete the Risk Assessment (Step 1: Initial Risk Assessment and Step 2: Modified Risk Assessment) prior to proceeding to the Mitigation Checklist (Step 3). Score your Member Organization based on its present state.
  2. All Member Organizations must maintain a copy of the completed tool. Rugby Canada, your Provincial Union or a public health authority may request a copy.
  3. Contact your Provincial Union for support to address mandatory requirements that the Member Organization is currently not able to meet.