Participant Insurance

All members that are properly registered with Ringette Manitoba are covered by our Provincial Sports Organization’s Insurance. This plan is designed to provide coverage for those who might otherwise not be covered by any other group health or liability insurance plans. It can also serve as a supplement to other similar coverage an individual or family may hold, to achieve maximum allowable coverage. It is not applicable as an addition when another plan’s coverage meets or exceeds the allowable amount. If you have primary insurance you must make a claim to them first.

This program augments Provincial, Medical and Hospital plans while covering players, coaches, referees and other designated volunteers against accidents that occur during participation in a Ringette Manitoba sanctioned activity.

It is the responsibility of the injured person (or parent if under the age of 18) to submit the report. If there are any issues or further information this is who will be contacted.

Social activities or fundraising events that are unusual or out of the norm (beer gardens, inner tube rafting, scavenger hunt, etc.) are not intended to be part of this coverage. Ringette Manitoba will NOT sanction any activities with alcohol.

Liability Insurance for Associations

The member clubs of Ringette Manitoba are covered by Ringette Manitoba’s liability insurance as long as the member’s sports events and related training activities are sanctioned and authorized by the PSO and follow generally accepted standard procedures of the PSO.

If a member club chooses to break away from the PSO and get involved in activities that are not generally accepted standard procedures or are not sanctioned, the liability insurance would not extend to cover this type of activity. The program was set up on the understanding the member clubs followed basic guidelines set by the PSO, and all activities must be sanctioned by Ringette Manitoba.

When are you covered?

  • Ringette Manitoba sanctioned events (league games, tournaments, practices, training camps, sanctioned fundraisers). It is the responsibility of participants to ensure the activity they are participating in is sanctioned by Ringette Manitoba or if the event has its own coverage.


How do I make a claim?

  • COMPLETE IN ITS ENTIRETY, an Athletic Accident Claim Form. Have your team staff complete the team section and your Doctor/Dentist complete the physician’s statement. If any portion of the form is not completed it will be returned to you and the claim process will be delayed. If the physician’s statement has not been filled out you will not receive any reimbursement.
  • SUBMIT the fully completed form to the Ringette Manitoba office (along with any receipts or invoices you have accumulated to this point). Insurance company must be made aware of the accident within 30 days and claim forms must be submitted within 90 days of the date of injury. If any forms are incomplete they will be returned.

Additional Information

  • Only completed Injury Report Forms received in the Ringette Manitoba office within 30 days of the date of injury will be accepted. Additional invoiced and receipts may be added to the claim for up to 365 days.
  • If you do not submit any receipts/invoices your claim will not receive a response. It will remain open for up to 365 days. It is up to you to submit paperwork to receive reimbursement.
  • Only original receipts and/or invoices are acceptable (if originals have been forwarded to a primary insurer, copies are acceptable). Do not fax in your claim.
  • This insurance is strictly supplemental. If you have access to any other insurance, you must pursue your claim through them first. Ringette Manitoba shall cover those costs not covered by your primary insurance to our policy limits.
  • Injuries as a result of a swimming accident (ie. off-ice training and/or during hotel stays) will not be covered.

Any questions can be directed to Ringette Manitoba at