Hire an Instructor

Our certified Player Development Instructors are trained to break down skills for simple understanding. With backgrounds as players, coaches, and even officials, our instructors know the game of ringette inside and out. We have instructors specialized in powerskating, shooting, defensive and offensive tactics, and even goalie skills.

Our powerskating instructors are highly trained in breaking down edge control and stride progressions for players to become the fastest, and most agile skater they can be!

Shooting or sniper instructors know how to score! From how to properly perform certain shots, to body movements to move around the defensive triangle and goalie to hit the mesh, our instructors can break down shooting tactics to help players score!

Defensive and offiensive tactics focus on how to work as a team to execute a set goal. Our instructors know how to teach skills to help a teams movement in the defensive zone, having a solid breakout, and successful offensive movements to reach the net. With a variety of systems that can be taught, having an instructor assist would greatly benefit your overall game play!

Our goalie instructors are high level goalies who know their way around the crease. Proper positioning and ring distribution is essential to a solid goalie foundation. Every goalie could use some one-on-one goalie instruction that can come from one of our great goalie instructors!

If you are interested in hiring an instructor for your next ice time, please contact Taylor ringette@sportmanitoba.ca . Coaches are welcome on the ice to learn from our instructors teaching techniques!