Assessment of Training Environment

Local Association Assessment Resource for Training Environments

All local Ringette Associations will need to assess and take inventory of the facilities they use to determine if the facility will be able to be used when ringette is able to return to activity. Some facilities may only be utilized as training facilities under the new COVID-19 Return to Activity and Return to Play guidelines while other facilities may allow for some level of ringette games to be played.

This resource is part of a series of resources and tools that are being developing as part of our Return to Ringette plans. As user groups of the municipal recreation facilities the LSO knows their facilities best and works directly with the municipality to access facilities. All LSOs will need to recognize what their facilities have as local guidelines and how each facility is using their spaces for the public and for user groups. This resource is designed to assist with planning and guideline creation and applicability.

Considerations for Training Environments:

1. Number of Athletes and other Personnel

  1. What training can adequately be done from home?
  2. How can training be staggered to minimize numbers and reduce contact?
  3. What staff can continue to work from home?

2. Cleaning

  1. What facility sporting equipment will athletes be sharing (e.g., net, pylons)?
  2. What are the shared facilities?
  • Bathrooms/change rooms
  • Recovery areas (Players bench)
  • Penalty boxes
  • Common Areas

3. What is the protocol and frequency of cleaning shared equipment and facilities?

3. Handwashing Facilities?

  1.  Are there any facilities to regularly wash hands?

2.  How many sanitizing hand rub dispensers are required in prominent places around the facilities/event? How often are they refilled?

4. Facility Descriptions:

  1. What is included in the facility? (how many ice sheets, pool, concession, etc.)
  2. What is the number of dressing rooms per ice sheet?
  3. Is the facility separated into each ice sheet or are the ice sheets fluid to one another?
  4. Are there separate entrances and exits to the arena spaces?
  5. Are there areas outside the facility where athletes can be picked up and dropped off by parents?
  6. Are you able to maintain physical distancing in the facility?
  7. Are there areas where you are not able to physically distance? If YES, do you require access to those spaces in order to access the facility?
  8. Does your facility have their guidelines and rules for their facility publicly posted for all members of the public to see?
  9. Will the facility be implementing restricted spaces and manage the flow of the public through the facility?

5. LSO Considerations

  1. Do you have a system to track and confirm attendees to events?
  2. Have you identified how your user group will manage their spaces?
  3. Have you identified athletes who may be at higher risk for COVID?
  4. How will you monitor coaches and team staff to ensure that they are maintaining social distance at training sessions?