Amber Biebrick has been playing Ringette for over 21 years, “I started playing at Dakota Community Centre and then moving to play AA for the Bonivital Angels when I became old enough and I’ve been playing NRL for the last four years now.” Biebrick also played for the 2011 Canada winter games team where she was one of the youngest athletes to represent their province. Biebrick gives ringette the credit as to how she chose her career path today, “I’m a physical education teacher, a coach, a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor so ringette has definitely shaped the career path that I’ve chosen.” 

Not only has ringette helped shape her life but it has taught many life skills that have helped her get to where she is, “it’s taught me to work hard, dedication, perseverance, competitiveness and also to have lots of fun.”

Ringette has provided life long friends for Biebrick, “ringette has allowed me to make so many different friendships over the years many of which I communicate and associate with still today.”

“After over 20 years of playing there are so many options” Biebrick laughs when asked about her favourite memory. “Getting to play these last four years in NRL has allowed me to get to my top competitive edge in the sport.”

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